Simple Safety Tips For a Healthier Summer

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Summer might still technically be a month away, but upstate New York’s recent weather would beg to differ. The city of Syracuse even experienced its highest May temperature on record at a whopping 93 degrees Fahrenheit on May 26. It’s apparent that summer is here and that means it’s time to consider safety measures to keep our families happy and healthy.

Are you ready for summer? Rely on these top tips to have a healthier summer:

Keep a close eye on the pool

One of the best parts of enjoying hot summer weather is running to the nearest body of water. Even though New York’s beaches are slowly reopening, most folks are still relying on a trust pool to stay cool until further social distancing measures start to relax. But if you happen to have a pool, there are a few important safety measures to consider.

Did you know that the month of May is actually water safety month? Take this time to read up on safety factors that can keep your family away from harm.

  • Always keep an eye on children in the pool. Pools are one of the leading factors in childhood drownings and accidental drownings are the leading cause of unintended deaths in children. An unattended child might slip and fall into the pool or struggle to swim to the top in the midst of a game. Make sure that no children are swimming in the pool without the surveillance of an adult who can swim.
  • Provide ample pool toys that can be used as flotation devices in the event that your child gets tired. These can also be used to help strengthen your child’s swimming ability since they can grab onto these toys and kick to get around the water.
  • Invest in floaties and life jackets. If a child isn’t a strong swimmer, these tools are essential for their well-being.
  • Install gates and fences around the pool to limit access to children. Child locks can make all the difference.

Swimming in the pool is one of the best parts of summer in upstate New York. Rely on these tips to enjoy your time in the pool with peace of mind.

Never drink and drive

Summer means parties, fires, and barbecues that last well into the night. It means decorating your space for the next luau with beautiful art and coconut-themed beverages. In fact, studies have shown that people working amongst wall art and plants are 17% more productive than in bland spaces. After you’re done hanging up those decorations, however, you might want to think about implementing safety rules and guidelines at your next party.

If you plan to have a few friends over for a weekend celebration, be sure to keep an eye on tipsy guests. Drinking while driving is a serious offense that can land your friend in jail or seriously injure someone. If it’s their fourth DUI conviction, they can even incur felony charges.

While you can’t control the actions of other people, you can certainly help remove the barriers that would otherwise cause them to drink and drive. Ensure that at least one person is sober at your party in the event of an emergency and limit alcohol when the party gets too crazy. You can also encourage your friends to download rideshare apps, like Uber and Lyft to get home safely. Ensuring that you have enough room in your house for people to sleep over is another great option.

Drinking and driving is a serious issue. Share this information with your friends to help everyone have a safer summer.

Practice social distancing

Although social distancing guidelines have started to relax in New York state, there are still plenty of reasons to keep this practice in place. Always wear a mask when you travel into a store or a highly-populated area, like the park. In fact, it’s good to always keep a mask on you, even if you don’t think you’re going to need it. You should also be selective with the number of people you hang out with and monitor your health for any signs of sickness.

Drink plenty of water

The average family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at home, and while that may seem like a lot, it shouldn’t stop you from drinking tons of water. One of the serious threats of hot summer weather is heat exhaustion. This common health issue occurs when your body overheats due to high temperatures, exercise, and lack of water. Even if you’re simply sitting in a hot house, it’s important to drink water at regular intervals to keep your body fueled. Try to use a refillable water bottle to prevent wasting single-use plastics. After all, an individual human will produce more than four pounds of trash each day.

Here are some of the most common signs of heat exhaustion:

  • Excessive sweating or clammy skin
  • High fever
  • Nausea or vertigo
  • Feeling weak/tired

It’s important to seek out medical attention as soon as the symptoms of heat exhaustion start to show. With these tips, you’ll be better equipped to handle such issues when they arise during the hot months of summer.

Summer is a time of fun and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of risks. Follow these tips to have a healthier summer this year.