Thursday 1 December 2022
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2015 African Unity Parade and Festival Aug. 15

vision mr - paradeThe African Diaspora Parade and Festival, and the National Ghana Parade Council, will sponsor the Unity Parade 2015, Aug. 15.

The two organizations had previously conducted events separately; however, according to a press release, this year have come together to produce a larger parade and festival. The festival will take place at Crotona Park, in the Bronx, New York.

Officials said the parade route will start from Louis Nine Blvd at E. 170 St., in the hub of the African community. Then, after the march, the festival will take place in the park, which will include performances, appearances by public officials, and a Back-to-School Giveaway.

Event organizers said the intent of the parade is to have a greater impact on the community, and foster a platform for community bonding, and togetherness. The organizations expect more than 1,500 families, and participants, representing diverse groups, organizations and businesses to attend the event.

According to the press release, the African Diaspora Parade and Festival (ADPF) was founded in 2011,with the purpose of serving as an outlet to highlight and celebrate the cultural diversity of both continental Africans, and Africans descendants throughout the diaspora, by showcasing their music, art and technology.

In addition, the National Ghana Parade Council (NGPC) was founded in 2009 to promote and celebrate the diversity of Ghanaian culture.

“The Unity Parade 2015 will set the stage for an annual event that the community will look forward to every year,” the press release stated. “This will be a day of exciting displays of culture, pride and diversity.”

Visit for additional information, and updates, regarding the event.