Wednesday 30 November 2022
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2017 Onondaga County Budget Looks to Cut Payroll, Keep Property Taxes Flat

Joanie Mahoney Onondaga County Executive

Approximately 59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data after being laid off or fired, and according to the newly proposed 2017 Onondaga County budget, more than a few people may be facing that situation.

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney is proposing to keep property taxes the same and reduce the county payroll by upwards of 100 employees for 2017.

Mahoney presented her budget earlier this week to many mixed reviews and tumultuous conversations.

According to her newly proposed budget, spending would increase by about $36 million from last year’s $1.263 billion budget.

Nevertheless, property taxes would remain the same as they were for last year.

The budget projects a 1.75 percent increase in sales tax revenue for 2017 as well, but the most controversial portion of the proposed budget is one that would slash the county payroll by approximately 200 employees.

Many were unhappy with the proposal, to say the least. In fact, Onondaga County comptroller Bob Antonacci has even claimed that Mahoney’s reasons for reducing payroll are personal.

Under the newly proposed budget, six of Antonacci’s 32 employees would be moved to other departments, where they would perform jobs similar in nature to what they have already been doing. All six listed were account clerks in the comptroller’s office.

“The County Executive gutted my office,” Antonacci said. “She is firing fiscal watchdogs because she doesn’t like to be held accountable.”

On the other hand, county officials claimed that Antonacci was simply “misunderstanding” the budget proposed and that the employees who would be moved are responsible not for payroll auditing, but for payroll administration.

“The budget is a complicated document,” Deputy County Executive Bill Fisher said. “We’d encourage [Antonacci] to contact the Chief Fiscal Officer, who can walk him through it.”

However, Antonacci has accused Mahoney of making the proposed budget cuts to his office as a result of a pay raise lawsuit he filed against her earlier in the year.

While officials are at odds with Antonacci regarding the newly proposed budget, it encompasses even more than simply moving his employees.

The budget calls for the merging of the county’s Metropolitan Water Board and the Onondaga County Water Authority, which would remove approximately 34 jobs from their books, and makes no increase in funding to the parks department.

The legislature will be holding budget hearings for the next few weeks.

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