Saturday 10 December 2022
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50th Anniversary of Kwanzaa to Begin Dec. 26

By Staff


kwanzaaThe 50th Anniversary of Kwanzaa, which is a week-long celebration of African-American people and culture, will begin Monday, Dec. 26.

According to the Official Kwanzaa Website, the anniversary of “the pan African holiday, Kwanzaa, of necessity brings added focus and emphasis on its customary call for remembrance, reflection and recommitment.”

“We remember our history and the legacies left, and the people who made and left them for us and the world,” the website stated.

Dr. Maulana Karenga founded the holiday in 1966, basing the celebration on “Kwanzaa,” or “Nguzo Saba,” which are the Swahili-based seven principles of African American heritageincluding umoja (unity); kujichagulia (self-determination); ujima (collective work and responsibility); ujamaa (cooperative economics); nia (purpose); kuumba (creativity); and Imani (Faith).

The Department of African American Studies at Syracuse University recently held an event in celebration of the holiday.

Visit for additional information regarding the holiday.

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