About Us

CNY Vision is a weekly newspaper that provides news and information relevant to the African American community in Syracuse. Although our print and on-line publication provide national and world news, our primary focus is to cover local and regional news.

Our umbrella organization, Minority Reporter Media Group, publishes several other newspapers including La Voz — a monthly newspaper focused on the Hispanic community in Rochester, NY (www.rochesterlavoz.com) and Minority Reporter — a weekly newspaper also published in Rochester, NY and focused on the African American community there (www.minorityreporter.net). We also produce a television show called “Perspectives”, which airs in Rochester on RCTV Ch. 15 on Mondays at 9:30pm and Friday afternoons at 3:00pm. Perspectives can also be viewed online at www.minorityreporter.net.

Mission Statement:

It is the purpose of CNY Vision News to foster self-awareness, build community and empower people of color to reach their greatest potential. Further, CNY Vision seeks to present a balanced view of relevant issues, utilizing its resources to build bridges among diverse populations; taking them from information to understanding.