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Albany Website Company Offers Free Domain Forum

designer drawing website development wireframeAn Albany website services company has recently added more services, including the formation of free websites and domain listings.

PR.com reports that FreeSiteWorth is now offering a forum that will allow website buyers and sellers to list their websites for free. Guy Njoukam, the CEO of the company, originally founded the company with the intention of helping small businesses create and maintain their websites. His web service includes helping nascent websites with keeping tabs on traffic, earnings, search engine rankings (and search engine optimization), Alexa rankings, social media presence, and other factors critical to a successful website.

Its SEO Analyzer, for example, is an online tool that can help a website improve its search engine rankings by evaluating up to 50 relevant factors such as content, multimedia, web design, plug-ins, and social media. Search engine rankings are particularly important in website design; according to OutBrain, search engines are the top drivers of traffic to content websites.

FreeSiteWorth helps “buyers and sellers know the true worth of the website they are intending to buy or sell,” Njoukam said. “Our website offers a ready calculator that analyzes several factors and evaluates the true worth of a website.”

Recently, FreeSiteWorth offers its clients a free website/domain listing service, making it easier for them to compare websites for selling or purchasing.

“With this service being added,” Njoukam explained, “online entrepreneurs will be able to sell websites for free, we aspire to provide a common platform to the interested parties and give them a ready marketplace, where both the buyers and sellers can evaluate the website that is on offer and get to an agreement on the price.”

All a client needs to do to use the forum is to fill out a brief questionnaire regarding the website or domain’s details such as its creation, traffic levels, revenues, etc. The client must also provide a small summary of the website or domain. Once this is done, buyers and sellers can contact each other directly to work on a price. FreeSiteWorth does not require any fees for use of the forum.

The forum also has a “features page” that exposes a listing to more customers. In addition, the forum allows users to sell the domain name without the actual content of the website.