Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Alfonso Davis Announces Run for Mayor As “Candidate for All People”

By Daphne Ramsey


alfonsodavis2-cl-lowres_editedAlfonso Davis has recently announced his plan to run for mayor of the city of Syracuse.

“This election is too important to leave to chance or apathy.  We can change the way politics are done in this City this year,” Davis said, announcing his candidacy last month on the steps of City Hall.

Stating that he will be a “candidate for the people,” Davis says voters should know that their vote is their voice and the right of choice as to who they want as their mayor.

Additionally, Davis says he wants to stress the importance of voting in the primaries. “When voters in Syracuse fail to vote in primaries, they diminish their ability to choose which candidates are on the November election ballot. Each and every community member’s vote matters and should not be underestimated or diluted,” he said.

“Failing to understand the power of the primary eliminates candidates that people should be able to consider in the November election.”

Davis, a Democrat, previously ran in both 2009 and 2013, losing in primaries to incumbent Mayor Stephanie Miner.

However, this year Miner will be leaving the office, and she will be prevented from running again, due to term limits.

As a result, Davis, who would become the first black mayor of the city, if elected, has again decided to throw his hat into the mayoral ring, running on the platform of change and inclusion, in an effort to “make Syracuse great again.”

“As a native Syracusan I have a plan to effect change such that there are real economic opportunities for residents, and concrete measures to insure support of local businesses from start to success through continued growth,” he noted.

Davis says part of the reason his candidacy has failed in the past is because of both a lack of voter turnout, as well as the fact that he has been “marginalized” by local media.

“Local media has made every attempt in my prior runs for mayor to marginalize me, as if I am only running for the black community,” he stated. “In actuality, I am running to be mayor for all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status.”

Davis, 50, currently works as an independent insurance salesman.

He graduated from Corcoran High School, and Onondaga Community College, as well as SUNY Oswego.

In addition, Davis also has previous experience working on local political campaigns, including one for former Common Councilor Charles Anderson.

A staunch critic of Miner in the past, Davis said he’s focused on the future, not the past, and his goal is to create real economic opportunities for Syracuse residents, as well as continued growth for local small businesses.

“My candidacy is the seed to a new future, which will take into consideration all communities across this city,” Davis stated.

“If you look at my platform, I have continued to outline solutions to issues that if left untreated or not dealt with, would be problematic.”

“The disjointed condition of our city features little overall progress and only a few isolated areas of sporadic growth,” he said, noting that his earlier platforms forecasted that “without proper intervention with our young people, in terms of education and access to economic opportunity the community would bear the bitter fruit of continued violence, our roads and infrastructure would crumble and those few manufacturing jobs which remained would continue their plight.”

Touting his “long history of fighting for the disenfranchised and disadvantaged in the city, and his work experience, integrity, community outreach, and activism,” Davis says these are all attributes which demonstrate his ability to lead.

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