Thursday 1 December 2022
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Alfonso Davis Outlines Platform in Mayoral Race

By Staff –


ALFONSODavis2-Cl-LowRes_edited-214x300Alfonso Davis, one of eight candidates currently competing in Syracuse’s mayoral race, has recently shared his plan for the Westside corridor, JSCB budget, and Westside Academy Blodgett School.

My plan, as mayor, is to meet with state representatives and request JSCB budget adjustments that allow us to provide our students and staff with a safe environment to thrive in, then to fix immediate Blodgett needs that are health concerns and ultimately renovate the school inside-out to be the first school of the arts in Syracuse,” Davis stated. “In addition, I would like to ensure that more Syracuse residents receive contracts on JSCB construction jobs. My overall plan will be to provide a big picture benefit to Syracuse City School District (SCSD) students, families, our local economy, surrounding neighborhoods, and contribute to the arts.

Davis, a Democrat, has also proposed creating an effective Community Benefits Agreement (CBA), should he be elected as mayor in November.

“A CBA provides inclusiveness and accountability in how development subsidies are distributed; each CBA can be tailored to the communities needs and includes job quality standards, local hiring programs, and affordable housing requirements,” he said. “This can be a solution to the poverty level, homicide, crime rates and the need for economic development in the city.”

Visit, or Instagram @davis4mayor, to view Davis’ full platform.

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