Thursday 1 December 2022
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Amateurish Politics

Op/Ed By James Clingman


james_clingman( – The “Silly Season,” as many call it, is well under way; and Black people are up to our necks in it. The usual suspects are jockeying for position with certain presidential candidates. They are vying for the Black spokesperson position, knocking one another down as they rush toward the microphones and cameras. They are acting real silly themselves when it comes to endorsements and support for candidates who use them as sycophants to feed us warmed-over political pabulum.

Of course, the Democrats are the heavy favorites among Black folks, so it’s pretty easy for Black political mouthpieces to do their traditional thing on the Dems behalf and to our detriment, of course. The Republicans only have two or three Blacks asking us to vote for them, despite their candidates never citing Black issues in their speeches.  But that’s par for the political course. Both parties are playing us, and the sad part is that some of our own brothers and sisters are helping them. But, that’s our own fault.

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