Saturday 10 December 2022
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American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight En Route to Boston

Airplane in the sky at sunsetTragedy struck on Monday morning when a pilot died mid-flight, forcing an emergency landing of the plane.

According to the Boston Globe, American Airlines flight 550 was en route to Boston, MA from Phoenix, AZ when its captain became incapacitated.

The first officer on the flight, who is the alternate pilot, landed the Airbus A320 aircraft safely at Syracuse Hancock International Airport at 7:10 a.m.

Authorities declared the pilot dead at the airport. Neither his identity nor his cause of death have been revealed as of yet.

American Airlines said there were 147 passengers on the flight, which had a crew of five, including two pilots and three flight attendants. After replacing the crew of the plane, the flight continued onto Boston, reaching its original destination of Logan International Airport at 12:30 p.m.

There are national airports in just 31 states, and flight 550 was lucky to be flying over one of them at the time of the incident. The crew contacted air traffic control at the Syracuse airport to report a medical emergency.

“Captain is incapacitated,” a crew member said. In another transmission, a crew member can be heard saying that “one of the pilots is unresponsive.”

There’s no word on whether any passengers of the plane with a medical background attempted to assist the pilot, which is a common occurrence when somebody falls ill during a flight.

According to LiveScience, the Federal Aviation Administration requires every flight to be equipped with an emergency medical kit and a defibrillator that can be used when a passenger shows symptoms of heart attack.

CBS News is reporting that passengers said they experienced a hard landing in Syracuse and had no idea what was going on. They praised the co-pilot, who they say appeared calm throughout the ordeal.

“We’re incredibly saddened by this event, and we’re focused on caring for our pilot’s family and our colleagues,” American Airlines spokeswoman Michelle Mohr said in a statement.