Saturday 14 December 2019
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Awesome Back-To-School Tips For Anxious Parents


back to school 2019
Fall is finally here, and that means it’s time to send the kids back to school. Regardless of if your child is just going off to kindergarten for the first time or if they’re starting their last year of high school, back-to-school can be a nerve-wracking time for parents. As soon as your kids are off to school you can start relaxing! Maybe you want to deep clean your home, maybe you want to finish some remodeling projects, or maybe you want to finally go through Botox. Keep in mind, Botox results normally last around 3-6 months. Whatever your plans — you’ll have a lot more time to accomplish them when your kids are back at school. But you need to be prepared.

If you’re worried about how your child will do when starting the school year, you can give them the best chance of success possible with these easy tips.

Help Them Eat Well

A good diet can make a surprising amount of difference in your child’s day-to-day wellness and readiness for school. Depending on your kid’s age, do what you can to encourage them to eat well. This goes for picky eaters as well – you might have to find ways to hide healthy foods in other meals. Try new vegetable options like microgreens, a tiny form of edible greens produced from very young plants. You can also combine fruits into fun, colorful combinations, like berry kabobs or fruit salads.

Healthy eating shouldn’t stop when they’re at school, either. If you can, pack them a lunch or teach them how to pack a healthy lunch for themselves if they’re old enough. Be careful and make sure the foods you’re choosing will be safe to eat if they’re left without refrigeration for a while. According to the CDC, each year, one in six Americans gets sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages.

Make Time For Check-Ups And Medical Appointments

Most students by now will already have completed their mandatory physicals; however, this doesn’t mean you should stop taking them to regular check ups. Routine physicals are an important part of keeping your child healthy throughout the school year. This includes dental care as well as your standard pediatrician visits. The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools warns that 51 million school hours are lost each year due to dental-related illnesses. Because children’s adult teeth start to come in around age six, you need to start taking care of their teeth sooner than you think. Keep track of when appointments are, and make sure you make it to all of them on time. This will help your child stay healthy in school, while also putting your mind at ease since you know they’re well taken care of.

Leave Time For Studying

Students can quickly build up a busy schedule once school starts out for the year, with sports, clubs, homework, and other activities taking up a lot of precious time. However, help your child set up a schedule that leaves plenty of time for studying. It might be helpful for them to have a change of scenery for this activity, allowing them to better focus on the task at hand. Check out your local library to see if they have any specific homework help or study sessions. There are over 119,000 libraries in the United States, and it’s likely that your local library has at least a few options to help your child with their schoolwork.

Trust Your Child’s Judgement

There are plenty of things to worry about regularly as a parent, especially at the start of the school year. Will they make friends? How will they do with schoolwork? Are they going to be safe? While it can be difficult to put your anxieties aside, remember that your child has the ability to make decisions for themselves, and will often have the best understanding of what they want and need to succeed. It’s true, your child might make a few mistakes along the way, but these can be used as opportunities for growth in the long-run. Chances are, your child will do just fine at school; they just need a bit of room to grow and explore.