Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Bed Bugs Found Inside a 12th Syracuse City School

Everyone from parents to children in Central New York is nervous about bed bugs coming into their homes.

Bed bugs have now been found in 12 Syracuse city schools, and it’s become a serious problem.

The latest schools added to the list include Westside Academy at Blodgett Middle School, Dr. King Elementary, McKinley-Brighton Elementary, and Corcoran High School. Henninger High School was the first school to report the bed bugs.

Superintendent Jamie Alicea has informed the public that the infected rooms and buildings have been sanitized and clean to eliminate these pests, but it’s difficult because more bed bug sightings keep occurring.

“They are not dangerous,” Alicea said. “They do not carry diseases. They are a nuisance but they are not dangerous. We don’t want to have them in the school or in their houses so, they’re a nuisance.”

According to WRVO, the bed bugs were carried in from the outside (usually a student’s clothes or backpack) and began to spread to other surfaces once inside.

This pest problem has grown so quickly because of how fast bed bugs can multiply. During their life cycle, female bed bugs can lay more than 200 eggs. These invasive bugs are small and flat, and they feed solely on the blood of animals and sleeping humans. Though they feed on blood, they do not transmit any diseases.

“We’re going to be working together to work with our community to make sure that the message gets out there of the rights of the tenants in the city and how we can collaborate to make sure they get the support that they need to live in a clean apartment,” added Alicea.

The district sent out a letter to Syracuse families alerting them about the ongoing issue and advising them to have their own homes inspected.

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