Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Car Dealer Gives Rochester Cancer Survivor His Dream Car

Modern fast car close-up side view on black. LuxuryA Rochester man is kicking an item off his bucket list in style thanks to the generosity of an upstate New York car dealership.

ABC News recently featured the heartwarming story of 59-year-old cancer survivor Peter Hagberg, who was diagnosed with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia in 2014. In a leather jacket and silver muttonchops, Hagberg explained how a Buffalo car dealership is making one of his last wishes come true.

The Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia disease is a rare and incurable type of blood cancer, and even though Hagberg spent six months undergoing chemotherapy, the National Institutes of Health say the average survival rate for people with the disease is just 6.5 years.

When Hagberg went to a West Herr car dealership in Buffalo, he was hoping to scratch an item off his bucket list by purchasing the car of his dreams, a convertible Ford Mustang GT. But when the West Herr auto dealership group found out about his story, they sold the Mustang to him at no cost.

“I was blown away,” Hagberg told ABC News. “It restored my faith in people. You kind of lose track of people who do good and you kind of have to search them out and they found me this time.”

The auto group also gifted Hagberg and his wife a $5,000 check for medical bills and a road trip to visit their grandchildren in Maine and Pennsylvania. Many Americans abide by the rule of thumb that a household’s overall auto budget should not exceed 25% of their monthly income, and the dealership group’s pay-it-forward generosity has helped the Rochester man get behind the wheel of his dream car.

“We were definitely touched by Peter’s story and wanted to do something special and allow him to go on a road trip and see his family and take full advantage of his car,” said Matt Lasher, West Herr’s marketing director, to ABC News. “We wanted to surprise him.”