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Kwanzaa 2016 – Celebration or Lamentation?

Op/Ed By James Clingman   ( – For fifty years Black people in the United States have celebrated the seven...


DeVry University Students to Benefit from $100 Million FTC Settlement

Op/Ed By Charlene Crowell   ( – For the third time in two years, a large for-profit college has faced...


Will Workers Swallow a Bitter Pill?

Op/E By Julianne Malveaux   ( – When Donald Trump was running for President, he specifically targeted the...


World AIDS Day 2016: Envisioning the Beginning of the End

Op/Ed By Marc Morial   ( – “I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished together over the past eight...


Hillary’s Pom-Poms

By Clay Jones  


Return on Investment

Op/Ed By James Clingman   ( – Having read some of the post-election statements by our top Black...


Castro Paradoxes Can’t Be Reduced to Black, White

Op/Ed By Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.   ( – Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader for almost six decades, has died at 90...


At Thanksgiving, America Has an Opportunity to Heal

Op/Ed By Hazel Trice Edney   ( – This week, millions of Americans coast to coast will pause for a moment and...


Do Not Be Complacent In The Face Of Hate

Op/Ed By Marc Morial   ( – “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” — President Abraham...


Decorum Required

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