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The President is Actually a Rich White Guy who Acts like a Poor, Burned-Out White Guy: So Now What?

Op/Ed By Chris Stevenson   “There are too many people [with] finite minds and beliefs, [who] have too much control over the infinite...


New Justice Must Bring Independence to the Supreme Court

Op/Ed By Marc H. Morial   ( – “Looming over this moment is the fact that the current Supreme Court...

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On Her Birthday: Remembering Coretta Scott King

Op/Ed By Rev. Barbara Reynolds   ( – Coretta Scott King died on January 30, 2006.  Yet her legacy is very...


Trumping Liberty

By Clay Jones               Click here to comment on this post on our Facebook page.

Dr._Faye Williams

How Did We Come to This?

Op/Ed By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.   ( – For several months, we’ve been bombarded with so much hatred...


What’s Next for the Economy?

Op/Ed By Julianne Malveaux   ( – The economic philosophies of Democrats and Republicans are drastically...


Dr. King Held a Mirror Up to a Nation’s Values

Op/Ed By Jesse Jackson   ( – Dr. King was an intellectual who reflected seriously and critically on the...


White Women Can’t Speak for Me, So I Will Support the Women’s March

Op/Ed By Julianne Malveaux   ( – “Ain’t I A Woman”, railed Sojourner Truth, “I have ploughed and...


As Obama Departs, We Owe Him Our Thanks

Op/Ed By Jesse Jackson   ( – The final days of the Obama presidency are upon us. His popularity is rising...


Kwanzaa 2016 – Celebration or Lamentation?

Op/Ed By James Clingman   ( – For fifty years Black people in the United States have celebrated the seven...