Saturday 16 February 2019
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Category: Editorial

Dr._Faye Williams

When Will Black Lives Matter?

Op/ed by Dr. E. Faye Williams, ( – A few days ago, a most amazing event occurred in the United States! You may...


Tips for Year-Round Wellness

The holiday season can bring stress for a variety of reasons: traveling, preparing for the traditional gatherings, shopping and more. Now,...


Straight No Chaser: Marion Barry will be Mayor for Life

Editorial by Gloria Winston Al-Sarag Some columns have been harder to write than others. I have literally sat down more than once to write...


Church Politics and the Contradiction of Racial Harmony: The Deaths of Young Black Males More Grievous than Some Suggest

What is this spiritual juice black ministers have been concocting with law enforcement to arrest the anger of black people over the racist...


Reflecting on the Ferguson Case

Here we are, once again in this nation, witnessing the aftermath of the tragedy in Ferguson, Mo., made national because of the implications...

Building Partnerships Between Police Officers and the Communities They Serve

Op/Ed by Ben Jealous What is community policing? In the wake of increased shootings in Ferguson and around the country, there has been a...

Is the media overreacting in the Ray Rice situation?

Op/Ed by Dr. Boyce Watkins Ray Rice’s wife Janay was physically assaulted in an elevator a few months ago. In the shocking video, Rice...

daren jaime pix

Black community won’t be trumped by Trump’s foolishness

(Editor’s Note: Donald Trump recently said there are no role models in the black community. His comments sparked outrage from many...