Saturday 14 December 2019
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Category: Education, Featured News

Minority-CNY Story

Time to Wake America Up from its Student Debt Nightmare

  By: Charlene Crowell ( – Higher education has always offered opportunities to learn and earn a better quality...

Jesse Jackson

Equal Pay, Equal Pay, Equal Pay’

By Jesse Jackson  ( – As the exhausted and thrilled U.S. women’s soccer team celebrated its victory in the...

group of multiracial university graduates at graduation ceremony

Bring Troops Home and Send More Kids to College

By: Jesse Jackson   ( – Nuts. There may be fancier words to describe President Donald Trump’s latest lunacy...

crowell column - itt tech logo

$200M in Restitution and Forgiveness Delivers Financial Justice

By Charlene Crowell  ( – The struggle to eliminate high-cost predatory debt is a daunting one – particularly...

Democratic Presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden

The Word ‘Boy,’ Race Politics, and Democratic Wrangling Raise the Interest of Black Voters

 By: Hamil R. Harris – ( – The Iowa Caucus isn’t until Feb. 20. But, the First Democratic Presidential...

The Innocence Project got Gregory Counts released from prison in 2018.

Innocence Project: 2018 Was Record Year for Exonerations

 By: Frederick H. Lowe – ( – The Innocence Project reported in the most recent issue of its magazine that a...

ellisglenn-new 071019

Gout, Summer and Cookouts

  By: Glenn Ellis – ( – Summer is filled with fun outdoor activities, increased exercise, cookouts, and...