Saturday 25 January 2020
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Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare Opens On-Site Pharmacy

By Lisa Dumas –   Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare has recently opened an on-site pharmacy, in collaboration with Genoa...

Visin national Experimental Drug Gets Green Light for New Ebola Outbreak - ebolavaccine

Experimental Drug Gets Green Light for New Ebola Outbreak

( – The Ebola virus which took thousands of lives in West Africa has resurfaced in central Africa. This time,...

Prescription Drugs

County Files Lawsuit Against Prescription Drug Companies

By Staff –   Onondaga County has retained counsel and filed a lawsuit against prescription drug companies for creating...

NY Hospital’s Computer System Shut Down Following Cyber Attack

The computer system of a hospital in New York State is finally coming back to life following a cyber attack. According to Healthcare...

African American Man Laying On Couch In Front Of Psychiatrist With Clipboard

Upstate University Hospital To Open Adolescent Psychiatric Unit In 2019

After 13 years of consideration and planning, New York State has approved Upstate University Hospital’s plan for an inpatient...


Onondaga County Office for Aging to Hold HEAP Outreach Events for Seniors

By Staff –   The Onondaga County Office for Aging will hold several Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) outreach events to...


Gas Industries Are Poisoning African-Americans

By Dashea Smith – ( – The NAACP and the Clean Air Task Force (CATF) have co-authored a landmark report that, for...

mr vision national jackson parkinsons - jessejacksonwithpushlogo

Rev. Jackson’s Diagnosis: Parkinson’s Disease – What it is and How it Affects African-Americans

By Glenn Ellis –   ( – Last week, civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., 76, revealed that he has...


Drug That Prevents HIV Infection is Little Known in Black Community Where Disease Rates are Highest

By Anna Challet –   ( – A drug that prevents HIV infection has been available for five years. But even...

nciu baby

Racial and Ethnic Disparities Show Up in NICU Care

By Erin Digitale –   ( – Babies’ racial and ethnic identities influence the quality of medical care...