Saturday 16 December 2017
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Dr. Wayne J. Riley Appointed President of Downstate Medical Center

( – The State University of New York Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Wayne J. Riley as president of SUNY Downstate...

MR possible cover American Heart Month - heart stethoscope

American Heart Month: Heart Disease is Leading Cause of Death for Black Men

( – Heart health awareness is particularly important for Black men because we are at a higher risk of dying or...

Female doctor examining male patient's glands in clinic

How Repealing the Affordable Care Act Will Affect African Americans

News Analysis By Glenn Ellis   ( – Racism has historically had a significant, negative impact on the health...


Research Shows Frequent Sauna Use May Prevent Dementia

In a recent study, researchers discovered a potential link between sauna use and memory. Published in the journal Age and Ageing, the study...


Study Shows Black Children Exposed to More Junk Food Ads Than White Peers

By Staff   Since the 1970s, the volume of fast food restaurants across the country has more than doubled, which means everyone with a...

New York State Adopts Law For Advanced Home Health Aides

In-home care is becoming more popular here in the United States, and the need for qualified aides continues to grow. Every year,...

Pensive child looking through a window

NY Health Department Proposes Medicaid Coverage for Gender Dysphoria Treatment in Youths

The issue of healthcare in the U.S. has been a point of contention for some time now, and in 2014, there were 35.7 million people without...


American Heart Association Announces New “+color” Initiative

By Staff   The American Heart Association (AHA) has announced a new initiative called “+color,” which will focus on the...


September is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month

News Analysis By Glenn Ellis   ( – September is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month. First officially...

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30 Ways to Add Fruits and Vegetables to the Foods You Enjoy

( – Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber that our bodies need to stay healthy. Eating more...