Wednesday 16 January 2019
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New York, D.C. Continue to Address Tipped-Wage Debate

By Lisa Dumas – New York state’s proposal to eliminate the tipped-wage credit for restaurant owners has once again become part of a...

perez williams syracuse mayor

Juanita Perez Williams Gives $30,000 of Her Personal Money to Her Own Campaign for Congress

Just before the June 26 primary election, Democrat Juanita Perez Williams loans $30,000 of her own money to her campaign for Congress. This...

MR VIsion national New Report Says Voter  - votingrights image

Supreme Court Rules Ohio Voter Purges are Legal – Ruling could have a devastating effect on Black voters

By Frederick H. Lowe – ( – In a 5-4 decision on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Ohio can resume...

MR possible Cover Congressional Black Caucus Wants Marijuana Decriminalized -marijuana-law-

Congressional Black Caucus Wants Marijuana Decriminalized

By Frederick H. Lowe – ( – The Congressional Black Caucus has announced its support of decriminalization of...


Syracuse Assessment Commissioner to Review Status of Businesses Receiving Lucrative Tax Break

Syracuse’s assessment commissioner told city councilors this week that he will be diligently reviewing the status of over 40 city...


Battles Against Racism Swirled as Americans Paused for Memorial Day

By Hazel Trice Edney – ( – As Taps was played in the Arlington National Cemetery and the President placed the...

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Federal Lawsuit Demands Ben Carson Enforce HUD’s Fair Housing

By Charlene Crowell – ( – In 1965 and as part of a visionary public policy strategy known as The Great...


Smokey Robinson Testifies Before Congress

By Frederick H. Lowe – ( – William “Smokey” Robinson recently testified before Congress about giving...


Onondaga County Board of Elections Offers Seminars to Help Navigate Election Process

By Staff –   The Onondaga County Board of Elections will offer free, non-partisan training seminars to inform the public about...

Syracuse Common Council President Helen Hudson

Democratic Common Council President Breaks From Party For Greater Diversity

For the second consecutive year, the top elected Democrat in Syracuse has broken with her party over the Democratic designee. Common...