Saturday 24 February 2018
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Longtime Evangelist Billy Graham Passes at 99

By Staff – Longtime evangelist Billy Graham, the controversial American preacher who converted millions to Christianity, passed away...


Applebee’s Fires Employees for Racially Profiling Black Patrons

By Briona Singleton – Three Applebee’s employees in Missouri have been fired for racially profiling two black women, after accusing...

MR cover US Fails to Teach Slavery History - enslavement Screen-Shot-2014-11-26-at-4.37.00-PM

Report: U. S. Schools are Failing to Teach the Hard History of American Slavery

By Maureen Costello – ( – Even during Black History Month, U. S. schools are not adequately teaching the...

MR Vision national safe affordable housing threatened - affordable housing

Access to Safe, Decent and Affordable Housing Threatened Across the Nation

By Charlene Crowell – ( – In recent days, threats to the nation’s housing finance system have emerged. At...

MR VIsion national black unemployment rate rises - blackunemploymentgraph-jan2018-300x184

Black Jobless Rate is Back Up in Less Than a Week

By Frederick H. Lowe – ( – Less than a week after President Donald Trump used his bully pulpit–The State...


Super Bowl Viewers Infuriated By Truck Ad Featuring Voice of Dr. King – Rev. Bernice King Among the Outraged

( – A Ram Truck Super Bowl LI commercial sparked outrage by using a recording of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech...


Coalition of Black Organizations to Hold United Nations Protest Against Trump Insults February 15

( – #ProudAfricans, a coalition of African, Caribbean, and African-American human rights and professional...

Roland S. Martin - PeoplesSOTU Address ©2018 © Paulette Shipman-Singleton ©Paulette Singleton

At ‘Real State of Our Union’ Trump Derided for ‘White Nationalist’ Conduct

By Barrington M. Salmon – ( – In stirring comments that were more sermon than speech, the Rev. Dr. William...


In State of the Union: Trump Touts Low Black Unemployment While Swiping at NFL Players for Protesting Police Brutality

By Frederick H. Lowe – ( – These are the best of times for Black workers, President Donald Trump claimed...


Pelosi Assails Trump’s ‘Make America White Again’ Agenda as Some CBC Members Boycott His State of the Union Address

By Hazel Trice Edney –   ( – U. S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) has assailed President...