Saturday 25 November 2017
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CNN Video of ‘African Slave Market’ Sparks Outrage and Condemnation

( – Footage obtained by CNN of an alleged auction of young Africans at an open market in Libya sent shockwaves...


Michael Grant Resigns from National Bankers Association

By Hazel Trice Edney –   ( – Michael A. Grant, who has gained a national reputation for his advocacy...

"The Cosby Show" cast members Lisa Bonet, Clarice Taylor, Earle Hyman, Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad on set. Photo: The SUN

Cosby Show Actor Earle Hyman Passes Away at 91

By Staff –   Earle Hyman, the actor best known for playing Bill Cosby’s father on “The Cosby Show,” passed...

mr vision national jackson parkinsons - jessejacksonwithpushlogo

Rev. Jackson’s Diagnosis: Parkinson’s Disease – What it is and How it Affects African-Americans

By Glenn Ellis –   ( – Last week, civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., 76, revealed that he has...

hbcu documentary

PBS to Air First Documentary Featuring HBCUs

By Clinique Mason –   PBS will air the first documentary regarding the nation’s HBCUs, titled “Tell Them We Are Rising: The...


Maxine Waters Declares Trump Impeachment to be Her ‘Number One Priority’ – Says ‘impeachment resolutions’ will be unveiled

By Hazel Trice Edney –   ( – U. S. Rep. Maxine Waters says she has made the impeachment of President...

mr vision national Stunning Rebuke of Trump Presidency - election-virginia win

Stunning Rebuke of Trump Presidency: Voters Elect Democrats to Top Offices in Virginia

By Jeremy M. Lazarus –   ( – Take that, Donald Trump. In a result seen as a wholesale rejection of a...


Drug That Prevents HIV Infection is Little Known in Black Community Where Disease Rates are Highest

By Anna Challet –   ( – A drug that prevents HIV infection has been available for five years. But even...

nciu baby

Racial and Ethnic Disparities Show Up in NICU Care

By Erin Digitale –   ( – Babies’ racial and ethnic identities influence the quality of medical care...

texas shooting

Police: Texas Mass Shooting Result of “Domestic Situation”

By Staff –   An incident in which a gunman killed 26 people and wounded 20 others in the largest mass shooting in Texas’...