Wednesday 16 January 2019
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africa mudslide

Hundreds Feared Dead in Sierra Leone Mudslide Linked to Climate Change

( – A fast-moving wall of mud, loosened by heavy overnight rains, has buried over 300 Sierra Leoneans, many of...


Election Races to Watch: Kenya, Rwanda, Angola

( – Major elections are taking place in three African nations this month: in oil giant Angola, East African...

emmanuel macron french president

Is New French Leader Racist? His Comment on Large African Families Called ‘Problematic’

( – French President Emmanuel Macron had been winning over liberals in Europe and the U.S. when he caught his...

congo map (1)

International Team to Investigate Reports of Deadly Violence in Congo

( – The U.N.’s main human rights body has approved a resolution to send a team of experts “to establish the...

african airlines

Africa Among Top 10 Fastest-Growing Markets for Air Travel

( – Airline industry and ministry officials attending Aviation Festival Africa and Airports Show Africa heard some...


Black Lives Matter Wins an International Award for its Work

( – The Sydney Peace Foundation, an initiative of the University of Sydney in Australia and the City of Sydney,...


Ebola Reappears in Congo and Vaccine is Readied for Crucial Test

( – After a deadly Ebola epidemic two years ago, scientists not only developed a vaccine, but it appears to be 100...

alhaaji mohamed bah

Unpleasant Surprise Unveiled for West Africans in America – You’re Deported

( – Ghanaians who have overstayed their U.S. visas are facing a new Trump Administration push to deport...


A Humiliating End to the G7 Summit for Overlooked African Heads of State

( – African leaders invited to the summit of seven developed countries looked on in frustration and dismay as the...

M. Lamin Saidykha

New Peace and Justice Group to Launch African Liberation Day May 25

( – The former head of Greenpeace Africa took the opportunity of the climate march in Washington last weekend to...