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Charles Schumer Optimistic Senate Will Make Infrastructure Deal Within 100 Days of a Trump Presidency

Making changes to America’s crumbling infrastructure has been a popular topic this past election year. Considering the fact that a republican president will take office in January, many are curious as to what will happen in the coming year.

However, New York Senator Charles Schumer is optimistic that Congress will be able to strike an infrastructure deal within the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.
The incoming Democratic Senate Minority Leader has assured Americans that fixing infrastructure still holds the utmost importance, and believes that the Republicans and Democrats will most likely settle on a deal sooner rather than later.

In fact, Schumer already has an idea in the works. As reported on the Post-Journal, Schumer explained to reporters via a conference call that there is a proposed bill in Congress that has the potential for a lot of change.

This trillion-dollar bill will directly invest federal dollars into building roads, bridges, transit systems, and water-and-sewer systems, while also updating the electrical grid. Not only would these efforts reduce traffic congestion in big cities, increase safety, and improve public health, the overall goal is to boost the economy in the coming years.

Plus, this bill will be quite promising for existing businesses in Upstate New York.

“It’s plain to see, New York’s infrastructure is falling apart,” Schumer said in his call. “That’s why we need to pave the way for real infrastructure funding that revives our economy, ensures public safety and takes the local taxpayers off the hook for billions of dollars in past neglect.”

Schumer also believes that since president-elect Trump has promoted infrastructure spending throughout his entire campaign, this bill has the true potential for a successful bipartisan partnership.

These plans would include sensor systems to ensure the new projects are structurally sound. For example, an electrochemical fatigue crack sensor system can detect cracks in the field as small as 0.01 inches, which can be extremely beneficial so changes can be made before the structure goes into operation.

Considering that more than half of New York’s 17,000 bridges are over 75 years old and New York’s roadways are in increasingly worse condition, Schumer’s optimism is a fantastic sign for travelers all across the state.