Thursday 1 December 2022
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Church Politics and the Contradiction of Racial Harmony: The Deaths of Young Black Males More Grievous than Some Suggest

wallace_mabryWhat is this spiritual juice black ministers have been concocting with law enforcement to arrest the anger of black people over the racist killing of young black males by white cops?

In particular, I’m talking about the killing of unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown, by now-retired-from-the-controversy (or, so he believes) white cop Darren Wilson.

The white church, on the other side of town, has clearly set its sights on keeping the fires ablaze for the killing of white cop Daryl Pierson by a wanted black felon, with candlelight vigils and benefit concerts.

And, both black and white community advocates who have viewed the cries of white racism as a plot by a select segment of black people to gain some balance in the sociopolitical realm, and some clout in the way justice has been meted out, have been given equal opportunity to express their feelings throughout legitimate media.

Yet, while the killing of another human being is not a tolerable offense by any definition of moral behavior; what follows incidents like this, when the victims have been young, unarmed black males, ought to be, and is more grievous than, what the dominant culture suggests they have been: unfortunate incidents occurring in the line of a white cop’s duty.

In addition, contrary to Charles Barkley’s perception that young black males are “scumbags” (Democrat and Chronicle December 3, 2014, ROCSports section) who deserve little or no recognition for their individual humanity; white racism is alive, and continues to wield its influences in both white and black communities.