Wednesday 7 December 2022
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City Announces New Schedule for Picking up Yard Waste

By Staff


fs-PaulDelimafoodwastewwwThe city of Syracuse has announced an updated yard waste pick up schedule, with each quadrant having a two week initial clean up period, according to officials.

“Expanding the initial clean up period from one week to two for each quadrant will make the process more reliable for residents, and help our crews keep on schedule,” said Pete O’Connor, commissioner of the City of Syracuse Department of Public Works (DPW). “This is a smart and efficient change that will improve service to our neighborhoods.”

O’Connor said each quadrant of the city will now have an initial two-week clean up period, and residents should leave appropriate waste out on the days listed below.

Quadrant       Initial Clean Up         Regular Set Out Days, June-October

Northeast        April 4-5                      First Sunday of the Month

Southeast        April 18-19                  Second Sunday of the Month

Southwest       May 2-3                       Third Sunday of the Month

Northwest       May 16-17                   Fourth Sunday of the Month

In addition, according to officials, the following stipulations for waste pickup will apply:

  • Set outs should be placed no earlier than the Saturday morning prior to a pickup week and no later than Sunday evening. Pick up will occur during the upcoming week.
  • Yard waste includes brush, branches, and leaves. Leaves should be in a separate pile.
  • Nothing should be in plastic bags, boxes, or cans.
  • Yard waste must be separated from construction debris, household trash, and recyclables.
  • Residents must call City Line, and advise the DPW one week in advance of construction debris.
  • During each season, residents are allowed a maximum of 2 cubic yards of construction debris removal.
  • Waste should be set between the sidewalk and the curb—not in the street. Piles must not block fire hydrants, sewer vents, or poles.
  • Contractors must arrange for the disposal of construction debris, the city will not pick up commercially-generated debris.

Contact the City Line at 315-448-CITY (2489), for additional information regarding the new schedule.