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City Declares March 6 “Ghana Independence Day”

By Staff –


ghanaMayor Stephanie Miner welcomed members of the Syracuse Ghanaian-American community to City Hall recently, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ghana’s independence.

The mayor issued a proclamation that declared March 6 “Ghana Independence Day” in Syracuse.

“The Ghanaian community has long been an anchor of the diversity that makes Syracuse a vibrant, welcoming community,” Mayor Miner stated. “I am pleased to join them as we mark the 60th anniversary of Ghana’s independence.”

“Ghana’s independence on March 6th, 1957 served as a springboard for self-governance on the African continent which was still heavily under colonial rule,” Vincent Odamten, president of the Ghana Society of Central New York, added. “Although Ghana went through some tumultuous times in the past- it has risen to be a shining buy propranolol 40mg example, and beacon of hope for the championing of democracy, press freedom, free and fair election, free speech, economic development, and human rights.”

Ghana achieved its independence from Great Britain on March 6, 1957, when Kwame Nkrumah was installed as the first Prime Minister. Previously, the West African nation had been known as the Gold Coast.

The Ghanaian community in Syracuse has long been a presence, with generations of immigrants calling Central New York home.

On March 25, the Ghana Society of Central New York will present a dinner recognizing the 60th anniversary of Ghana at Le Moyne College.

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