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City Joins Café Kubal to Participate in “Imagine a Day Without Water” Campaign”

By Staff


Mayor Stephanie Miner joined Matt Godard, founder and CEO of Café Kubal, at the Café Kubal Creekwalk Commons location Thursday, to participate in the “Imagine a Day Without Water” campaign.

Throughout the day, customers at Café Kubal locations received cups with stickers on them that stated, “No Water, No Coffee,” and that directed them to the city’s website, www.syrgov.net/waterfacts, for information regarding the city’s water infrastructure, and the economic importance of clean water sources.

“Imagining a day without water is a sobering exercise for hundreds of Syracuse families and businesses, including Café Kubal,” Mayor Miner stated.  “It is important to remind everyone in our community about the economic and social impact clean water has on our daily lives, and how critical it is we maintain high-quality water infrastructure.”

According to Godard, Café Kubal was forced to close twice earlier this summer, due to a nearby water main break, which gave him the idea to celebrate the observance.

“With clean water, and a reliable water source, our company can continue to thrive, and serve locally roasted coffee to the people of Syracuse,” he stated. “ Without water, there can be no coffee.”

According to Miner, the city decided to partner with the café to participate in the campaign, in light of her advocacy for increased spending on local infrastructure.

“Syracuse is uniquely positioned for economic growth with industries that require large amounts of affordable, clean water,” she stated. “Industries like coffee roasters, microbreweries, vineyards, and distilleries, among others, are key to our continued growth, and development.”

The national “Imagine a Day Without Water” campaign is organized by the Value of Water coalition, a group of thirty water and wastewater providers, water-reliant businesses, and policy organizations.

The US Water Alliance, a national non-profit organization, has coordinated the coalition.

Visit http://imagineadaywithoutwater.org/ for additional information regarding the campaign.

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