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City Launches Website to Preserve EPA Climate Change Data

By Staff –


three-smokestacks_0The city has launched a new webpage to preserve data about climate change the Trump administration removed from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website in April.

The page can be found at climatechange.syrgov.net.

“Climate change is real, and its undeniable impacts are felt in Syracuse every day,” Mayor Stephanie Miner stated. “No matter the leadership on the federal level, our residents deserve to have information at their hands to make informed decisions. We need to understand that severe storms are becoming more frequent, causing damage to our infrastructure, and harm to our neighbors. Cities are now leading the way when it comes to helping our environment.”

Under President Trump’s administration, the EPA removed data and other information about climate change from its website on April 29.

The information included facts about the causes and indicators of climate change, the latest on new climate science, and steps Americans could take to address climate change in their communities, combined with regional data about how climate change is impacting parts of the United States differently.

Cities including Atlanta, San Francisco, and Boston have also posted this information for the public.

Mayor Miner is also a member of the Climate Mayors coalition, which works to organize mayors around issues related to climate change and the environment, the city said.

Earlier this year, Syracuse was recognized by GoodCall.com for being one of the top 25 cities for green careers in the U.S., and schools in the first phase of the Joint Schools Construction Board (JSCB) project have been built to LEED Silver standards.

The mayor has also formed the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to ensure environmental priorities were central in the city’s planning efforts.

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