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City Promotes Syracuse Fire Department Officers, Presents Service Awards

By Staff –


fire officersMayor Stephanie Miner has promoted six new officers in the Syracuse Fire Department, and presented awards to firefighters for their service and valor in the line of duty.

The city held the ceremony in the auditorium at the Public Service Leadership Academy, 227 Magnolia St.

“These men and women are excellent examples of the hardworking public servants who do a challenging job and keep Syracusans safe every day,” Mayor Miner stated. “I thank them for their dedication, and the work they do to keep our community safe.”

The mayor has promoted a new district chief, two captains, and three lieutenants.

The city has also awarded those officers who’ve “acted with unique bravery in fires, on emergency medical calls, or during hazardous materials situations,” city officials stated.

A full list of the promoted officers and awardees is below.


District Chief Richard Buck

Captain Raymond Duncanson

Captain Roberto Tangredi

Lieutenant John Bower

Lieutenant Leon Bush

Lieutenant Jacob Moulton


Truck 4

Team Citation: FF William Marshfield, Byron Griffin

Individual Citation: FF John Romanyk

Truck 5

FF Louis Edwards—Valor Award Medal

FF Matt Scialdone—Valor Award Medal

Lt. Mike Monds—Individual Citation

Rescue Company

FF Brian Stevens—Valor Award Medal

FF Jim Cervino—Valor Award Medal

Truck 2

Capt. James Farewell – The SFD Medal of Honor

FF John Chmielewski – Valor Award Medal

FF Thomas Sexton IV – Valor Award Medal

Engine 9

Lt. Casey Mack – Individual Citation

Rescue Company

FF Brian Stevens – The SFD Medal of Honor

FF Joseph DiFabio Jr. – The  SFD Medal of Honor

FF James Cervino, FF Jason Campanella – Team Citation

Lt. Edward Lehmann III, FF Darryl Trapps – Team Citation

Engine 2

Unit Citation: Lt. Thomas Fabian Jr., FF Donald Lough Jr., FF John Burns III, FF Timeka Smart

Engine 9

Unit Citation: Lt. Robert Carfagno, FF Douglas Graham, FF Christian Jones, FF Thomas Howard

Engine 5

Unit Citation: Lt. Seth Shapess, FF James Herron, FF Jeffrey Satalin, FF Robert Griffiths

Truck 2

Unit Citation: Lt. Paul Schaap, FF Dennis Aguayo

Team Citation: FF William McGriff Jr., FF Christopher Walker

Engine 18

Lt. Jay Smithers – Valor Award Medal

FF Daniel Romeo – Valor Award Medal

Hazardous Materials Awards

Hazardous Materials Response Team (Engine Company 5 and Truck 3)

Unit Citation: Lt. Paul Schaap, Lt. Seth Shapess, FF James Herron, FF Richard Holmes, FF Frank Thompson Jr., FF Steven Tiss, FF Peter Macko, FF Thomas Rotella Jr.

EMS Awards

EMS Level 1 Award

Mini 3: Lt. Paul Haynes, FF Geoffrey Westby

EMS Level 1 Award

Mini 9: Lt Patrick Foody, FF Jeffrey Forss

Squad:  Lt. Michael Kreuzer, FF Leon Bush, FF Jeffrey Dugan

EMS Level 1 Award

Rescue Company:Captain Richard Buck,  FF Timothy Boland, FF Kevin Sienkiewicz, FF Joseph Skardinski, FF Patrick Doner, FF David Corbett Jr.

EMS Level 1 Award

Mini 1: Lt. Matthew Craner, FF Thomas Rotella Jr.

EMS Level 2 Award

Mini 2: Lt. Chris Haley, FF Donald Lough Jr.

Special Recognition Awards

Fire Chief’s Medal

The Fire Investigation Unit: Lt. Joseph Galloway, Lt. Brian Sheerin, FF Allen Williams, FF Joseph Fenell.

William Patchett Award

Lt. Brian Falise

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