Saturday 10 December 2022
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CNY SPCA Fires Executive Director for Unauthorized Cat Euthanasia, Hires Interim

By Staff –




The SPCA has recently terminated executive director Kerrin Conklin for ordering the euthanization at least 14 “treatable” cats, which the organization said “defies the mission of the shelter.”

According to reports, Conklin initially received notice of the termination by telephone, as she waited outside the shelter, in an attempt to speak with board members and defend her decision to euthanize the cats.

However, the board decided to fire Conklin, and replace her with interim director Linda DeMuro, while the SPCA searches for a new executive director.

Subsequently Conklin has reportedly threatened the SPCA with legal action, and has also accused staff members of misconduct within the organization.

The SPCA has released the following statement regarding the matter:

“The mission of the CNY SPCA has been and always will be to protect the welfare of the animals in this community.  Last week it came to the attention of the board of directors that the executive director approved the euthanasia of several cats, without input from a veterinarian, which the board determined was directly contrary to that mission.  That action also involved the unlicensed use of narcotics, and put our veterinarian’s license at risk. Accordingly, the board made the decision to immediately terminate the executive director. At this time, the board cannot provide further information, but, in the event of legal action, we look forward to the opportunity to fully and completely address the allegations against the organization that have been reported in the media.

The board has named Linda DeMuro as interim director while a search for a new executive director is conducted.  Ms. DeMuro previously served as the organization’s director of development. We pledge to continue to put the welfare of the animals of this community above all other concerns in our management of the CNY SPCA, and thank the community for its continuing support in difficult times.”

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