Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Comparing New York and California’s Laws: Who Leans Left?

Unless you do not pay attention to the news or what is happening around you, you have probably heard about the New York and California debates. Which state is more progressive? This is an interesting debate, seeing how these states have some similarities. Here are a few metrics used to see which state is more ‘liberal’.

Voter Registration

You can tell people’s political beliefs simply by looking at how they vote during the election or the political parties they identify with. Both these states also have a bunch of small parties, which you can use to measure their liberalness/progressiveness. There is the Peace and Freedom Party in California and the Working Families Party in New York State. In addition, each state has a green party. You can also look at this in another way. Which party has a bigger margin of right-leaning vs. left-leaning parties in total? New York has frequently been portrayed as one of the most democratic states. So, in this aspect, it takes the lead.

State Congressional Delegations

After looking at voter registration, it is also important to factor in how those voters vote? While both states may have democratic senators, their house delegations are different. Keep in mind that the number of democrats sent to the house is vital as that makes a state a very powerful force in the federal government. When looking at this in terms of state, it is good to consider the percentage of each state’s delegation that are democrats. In this bit, California takes the lead, with six of its legislators having been voted among the top 15 liberal legislators.

Progressive Policies

This is perhaps what matters the most when it comes to progressive policies. So, between these states, which one takes the lead in enacting progressive policies. In California, you have about two years to file a personal injury case, while in New York, you have three years. This gives New Yorkers an advantage. While New York legalized medical marijuana in 2014, California legalized it in 1996. 65% of California residents believe abortion should be legal in all states, while in New York, it is only 61%. In terms of same-sex marriage, California legalized it in 2013 and New York in 2011. Lastly, the minimum wage in California is $9 an hour, with New York following closely at $8 an hour. Even though both states are progressive at the moment, California has been quick to enact some of these progressive laws before New York.

Presidential Voting

There is a difference between raw vote and geographical voting. As much the counties that back up a president make no major difference in the end vote, it helps to see how the support for a particular candidate is spread. With New York having more democrats than California, it takes the lead in this one.

Progressive Attitudes

When it comes to progressive attitudes, both states are not very different from each other. However, New Yorkers are liberal and highly educated, with a majority saying that a lot of US institutions need to be restructured because of different forms of biases. For instance, there are a lot more males in political seats than females. And there are more white people occupying political seats compared to African Americans and Asian Americans. Often at times, such biases are unconscious, while at times, they are deliberate. According to FIP, people start developing stereotypes at a young age. This affects how people vote in the end.

State Legislature

When it comes to how the states govern themselves, both states are not doing badly. They have come up with a number of solid laws. For instance, In both New York and California, the legal limit for one’s blood alcohol levels is 0.08%. In terms of the senate being dominated by a single party, California takes the lead, which allows for easy passage of progressive bills. However, both states have elected republican governors to the office several times. Still, New York has elected more democratic governors than California, which gives them a win.

Both these states are very similar. In fact, the differences between their opinions are not that huge. However, New York has more liberal views compared to California.