Thursday 8 December 2022
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Do Students Deserve Internet Privacy?

Op/Ed By Julianne Malveaux


( – As the FBI battles with Apple about privacy protection and the need for the technology company to break down computer firewalls, I wonder who will, exactly, be protected, when technology companies go fishing to find protected information from their users.  It is not so much that those who use troll cyberspace through their tablets and telephones, but that it makes sense to understand how much information is available because some data is too easily available for data breaches.  In other words, that which is perceived as private isn’t always private.  Who has privacy protection?

I am especially concerned that students are vulnerable to data breaches, and that hackers are able to invade university spaces.  Young people. Who have not yet had the opportunity to establish a credit identity, are at risk when hackers get into databases that provide social security numbers, and other protected information.  While legislation attempts to protect those whose privacy is violated, enforcement is too often challenging.  Tens of thousands of students have their identities at risk, and they have little protection from hackers.

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