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Dr. King Reading Program Helps Improve Student Literacy

By Staff –


readingassistance DR KingPark Central Presbyterian Church has partnered with Dr. King to provide first and second grade students with extra reading assistance through its volunteer-led reading program.

About 35 volunteers spend an hour with students in the school library every week.

The students work with the same reading buddy each session, practicing fluency and comprehension one-on-one.

In additon, the volunteers also measure students’ progress by keeping journals.

“I usually see a huge difference from September to May,” volunteer Marilyn Lyman stated. “Sometimes, they will start out with no reading comprehension at all… but we learn new words, and we learn what to focus on, and they learn a lot. I feel so lucky to be able to do this. It’s so fun, and it’s the perfect thing for retirement.”

The volunteers also said one of the biggest takeaways is the relationships they build with the students.

“The kids are just so happy to see you every week,” Syracuse University graduate student Mackenzie Robinson stated. “You wouldn’t think you can make such a strong relationship in just half an hour a week, but that’s what happens. They really look forward to it. And so do we.”

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