Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Ed Smith Elementary Students Learn Basics of Film-Making

By Staff


mainNewsImageThird through fifth grade students at Ed Smith Elementary School learned the basics of film-making recently, from script writing and camera work to production roles, editing and even using a green screen.

Former SU professor Andrea Buckvold led the mini film academy, and Buckvold said the main point was to give the students an outlet to work together, and an idea of what it would be like to make a real film.

“It’s been a lot of fun for the kids,” she stated.

During week one, the students learned film-making terms, and about the various jobs on a film crew. They also discussed script ideas and practiced using cameras.

The next week, they prepared a storyboard, and did some script writing.

Then, the third week, they moved into production, and filming the clips they needed.

In their final week, the students edited their film together, and learned about post-production.

“We learned different types of camera shots, like close up and far away,” third grader Ella Foresti stated. “I liked this because now I can make different movies… it will be fun.”

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