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EPA Releases Fuel Economy Plan as Syracuse’s Gas Prices Continue to Fluctuate

Syracuse’s gas prices have been fluctuating over the last few months, and the future of fuel economy remains unknown.

At the end of summer, Syracuse gas prices increased six cents a gallon — up from $2.20 — over a single week. Although the average price for the area is four cents higher than it was a year ago at the end of summer, it’s far lower than the highest recorded average, which was $4.23 in July of 2008.

On a national scale, the average rose to $2.26 as well at the end of summer, and has since declined to $2.12 a gallon. New York State’s average currently sits at $2.36.

With the expected 260 million vehicles planning to be on the roads over the next year (up five percent), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to prepare for the future as President-elect Donald Trump prepares for office.

Forbes reports that the EPA recently announced the finalization of its plan to require automakers to more than double their fleet-wide fuel efficiency by 2025.

“Automakers have a wide range of technology pathways available to meet the [new] standards,” officials from the EPA said in late November. The new “standards are achievable with very low penetration of strong hybrids, electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This finding is consistent with the conclusions the National Academy of Sciences found in a comprehensive 2015 study.”

One of the main factors of the EPA’s new standards is the attempt to slash national gas emissions and boost fuel efficiency.

“The EPA’s proposal to maintain robust fuel economy standards is a big win for consumers,” said Shannon Baker-Branstetter, a member of the energy policy counsel for Consumers Union. “Strong fuel economy standards means consumers will have a greater choice of vehicles to meet their family’s needs, while saving money on fuel costs and protecting against future gas price shocks.”