Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Former Mayor Miner May Run in September Primary Against Nixon and Cuomo

womenvote1-460x460Stephanie Miner, former Syracuse mayor, might still throw her hat in the primary ring to become the next governor of New York.

As of right now, she has made no announcement other than celebrating the fact that Cynthia Nixon, an actress, has decided to run against incumbent Andrew Cuomo. Nixon joins once state senator Terry Gibson in this intriguing blue gubernatorial race.

Though Ms. Miner has yet to decide, subtle statements she’s said might persuade people to believe that she indeed intends to run.

According to, “‘unconventional candidates’ such as herself ‘don’t have to live by other people’s deadlines.'”

So while her decision is up in the air, the political midterm season is heating up. There has been a good deal of chatter surrounding a looming ‘blue wave’ that threatens to obliterate the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

Whilst there have been some very public losses for high profile Republicans in deeply Trump districts, it is important to remember that these could be anomalies. Neither party has strong enough statistical indicators to count their victory chickens before they’ve hatched.

Still, as America enters a potentially paradigm changing election cycle, candidates would do well to remember that people, and therefore voters, decide whether you are or aren’t trustworthy within a tenth of a second.

The issue before all incumbent congressmen and women today is that trust in the government is steadily declining, approaching its previous all-time low.

In fact, the trend of public trust for the government has been falling in the long term since 1964, spiking only in October of 2001.

Perhaps strong public distrust in the government will lead to a congressional role reversal, or perhaps it will instead inspire voter apathy. Come November, voters have the opportunity to voice their views with votes, revealing the ultimate outcome.

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