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Former Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Miner Enters Race for Governor

Stephanie Minor, former mayor of Syracuse, announced in mid-June that she will be running for governor on an independent party line. She is adding another member to the already crowded race against current Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Minor has thought about entering the race for months after she left the mayor’s office back in January and didn’t enter the Democratic race for the party’s nomination in May.

Minor’s new political party is called the Serve America Movement, and she’s running so that her campaign can focus on cleaning up the well-known corruption in Albany. She wants to end partisan gerrymandering and expand voter registration and access.

Interestingly enough, Florida is one of the fastest growing states in America, with 1,000 new residents every day, and more of them come from New York State than any other state. Are New Yorkers leaving because of the corruption mentioned by Minor? Well, she plans to fix it.

“I’m running to change the culture of cynicism,” Miner said in a statement.

“Nobody believes Albany has their best interests at heart, everybody knows you have to pay to play, they think the system is rigged, and they’re not wrong. But the only way it will change is if voters re-engage,” she added.

Andrew Cuomo, who is seeking his third term for New York’s governor, has a huge leg up in the polls so far. He has a 56% to 37% lead on Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, a Republican, and a 61% to 26% lead on public-education advocate and actress Cynthia Nixon, a Democrat.

Despite the fact that he’s behind, and that some Democrats expressed disappointment in her entrance, Nixon is happy that Minor has stepped into the race.

“Mayor Stephanie Miner has been an outspoken critic of Andrew Cuomo’s reckless administration of this state, and I welcome her into the governor’s race,” said Nixon. She and I have very different campaigns. She’s more of a moderate, and I’m definitely part of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.”