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Former Buffalo Police Officer that Stopped Suspect from Being Choked Arrested During Rally

By Chris Stevenson


Former BPD Officer Cariol Horne is arrested during a protest following the police-involved death of 20-year-old Wardel Davis.

Former BPD Officer Cariol Horne is arrested during a march following the police-involved killing of 20-year-old Wardel Davis.

Blacks in Buffalo, N.Y. have been grappling with two concurrent issues over the past couple of weeks, or so.

First, on Friday, Jan. 13, that was the day Buffalo police came after the children of a 30-year-old woman named Kiarre Harris.


Harris had been homeschooling her children since December 2016, and, to prove it, she recently posted a video showing a “letter of intent,” that was dated Dec. 5, on Facebook.

According to Harris, she filed two letters of intent, and took them to City Hall on Jan. 13, after which she alleges she was arrested when authorities came to her home, and attempted to remove her kids, because Child Protective Services had been notified that the kids were not in school.

Police charged Harris with “neglect.”

Then, a few days later, on Feb. 7, a 20-year-old black man named Wardel “Meech” Davis died under suspicious circumstances, while in police custody, after being pursued by authorities.

Both of these incidents have sparked outrage within Buffalo’s east side, and especially within its activist community.

One of those activists is a former Buffalo Police Officer (BPD), who currently lives in Atlanta, but somehow recently found herself driving back to Buffalo to participate in two Wardel Davis demonstrations.

At least, that’s what Cariol J. Horne told this reporter on Friday, Feb. 10, while she was in front of the Buffalo Statler Hilton Hotel, helping to lead a large group of protesters outside of a “State of the City” address given by Mayor Byron Brown.

Horne also attended another Davis event a couple of days earlier.

The next week, there was a demonstration for Harris, as well as a march for Davis.

Horne attended both of those events too, however, it was at the rally on Friday, Feb. 17, that the former BPD officer who was once fired for intervening in a fellow-officer’s chokehold on a black man in 2006, was herself arrested, after sitting in the middle of downtown’s Court St., and blocking traffic with six other marchers.

Once again, this was during a nearby Byron Brown event, called “The State of the City.”

And, while dozens of protesters marched outside at the Buffalo Convention Center, two other protesters disrupted Brown’s lecture inside, and had to be forcibly removed from the convention center, before rejoining the march.

Horne and most of the others were released later that night.

Visit https://buffalonews.com/2017/02/17/protesters-inside-outside-convention-center-browns-speech/ to read more about the protest.

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