Saturday 10 December 2022
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Former Syracuse Cop Accused of Raping Women on Duty, Claims Everything Was Consensual

A former Syracuse police officer is in hot water after receiving rape charges by victims he met on duty.

Officer Chester Thompson admitted to having sex with two women while on the job between June 2013 and February 2015. He was then fired from the police force.

He was not charged with a sex crime after prosecutors decided there was not enough proof of the victims resisting and signs of physical force.

But now, Thompson faces a $7 million lawsuit as one of his victims claims he raped her.

In her lawsuit, Maleatra Montanez says that Thompson used methods of intimidation to rape her. She cites him using his badge, gun, and position of authority to force her into performing sexual acts on him.

Montanez called the police for help on Valentine’s Day 2015 to aid in finding her missing daughter. When she answered her door, Thompson immediately started grabbing his crotch, commenting on her physical appearance, and making unwanted sexual advances.

After forcing her to perform oral sex on him, Montanez claims Thompson continued to rape her in front of her infant son.

Thompson claims the sex was consensual with both Montanez and the other unidentified victim.

In both cases, the victims report that after the alleged rapes, Thompson became friendly and continued to investigate the situation as if nothing had happened.

When leaving her house, Thompson gave Montanez a card with his phone number on it so she could follow up.

This case has reached the Daily News, where columnist Sean King called Thompson a sexual predator.

He goes on to express his shock, writing

“Chester Thompson, who was married with children and had never met Maleatra Montanez a day in his life, eventually admitted that most of these things took place — only he stated that it was all consensual. The ladies just can’t resist him apparently. Complete strangers who are in distress force him to do these things.

Really? A woman in pain from childbirth has random intercourse and oral sex with an older police officer in front of her infant just for recreation?

Of course I’m not buying it and you shouldn’t either.”

The lawsuit was only filed last week and is in its beginning stages.

Rape and sexual violence are extremely prevalent in our nation. One in four women– 25% — will be the victims of severe violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime, along with one in seven men — 14.2% — will be victims.