Saturday 26 November 2022
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HealthWay Adds Jobs in Pulaski as Manufacturing Expands

gear setHealthWay Products, an air filtration systems company with headquarters in Pulaski and manufacturing plants in China, announced recently that its new line of high-end products will be directly made in the United States.

HealthWay currently employs 39 people in the village of Pulaski and 85 in the city of Shenzhen, China, where the majority of its products are made and sold under various brand names. However, the company’s new goal is to manufacture high-end air filtration systems under its own brand, Intellipure, for retail in specialty stores.

Ironically, one of Intellipure’s largest buying markets is China itself, where the “Made in the U.S.A.” label connotes a quality product. That assurance was one of the major reasons HealthWay decided to keep Intellipure manufacturing in Oswego County instead of outsourcing it overseas.

“We’re the Bentley or the Ferrari of the air cleaning industry,” said HealthWay president Vinny Lobdell.

HealthWay’s filtration products are in especially high demand in Chinese cities where air pollution is a major issue due to dense populations; 28% of Americans also believe that vehicles exhaust systems cause are the single biggest cause of air pollution.

The local manufacturer will add 25 new jobs to the Pulaski plant over the next few months, making good on HealthWay’s promise last year to increase domestic operations. By late next year, the company may employ up to 100 people in Pulaski.

Lobdell and his father, Vincent Lobdell, who serves as CEO of HealthWay, are known for their commitment to revitalizing the Pulaski community. In 2011, they bought and restored the Kallet Theater, which now plays host to film showings and music concerts all year long.

HealthWay’s expanding business could mean more stable, long-term jobs for the village of 2,400 residents.

“It’s big-time innovation from small town America,” Vinny Lobdell said.