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Heated Contest Between Two NNPA Publishers Bodes Well for Black Press at 190 Years

By Hazel Trice Edney –


L to R: Denise Rolark-Barnes, Dorothy Leavell

L to R: Denise Rolark-Barnes, Dorothy Leavell

“You’ve got two candidates who’ve got such successful and productive records in the Black press, who are willing to take and run that organization. This is an excellent sign that it’s in good shape,” says A. Peter Bailey, who teaches The History of the Black Press at the University of the District of Columbia and taught the same course for five semesters at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Several factors, including the direction of the organization’s digital growth and journalistic focus make this year’s election especially important. Adding to the interest is the fact that the election is a rematch of sorts. Rolark-Barnes prevailed over Leavell by only six votes in the last election two years ago.

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