Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Heavy Rainfall Cause Buffalo Basements to Flood

Keller abgesoffen 4According to a recent report from The Buffalo News, the Buffalo area experienced almost 6 inches of rainfall earlier this month, which led to the flooding of a local couple’s finished basement. Kevin and Brenda Joerg thought they were safe in their two-story Pendleton home, but quickly discovered that nearly two inches of water had accumulated in their basement. Kevin added, “It was two inches, but it could have been two feet if the sump pump hadn’t worked most of the time.”

The couple placed dehumidifiers and fans around their home to help dry up the water. “The carpets need to be dried and shampooed, and the furniture needs to be cleaned,” Kevin said. “But if we get it dry fast enough, the chances of mold will be slim.”

Water damage makes up around 23% of all property damage in the U.S., so the Joergs weren’t the only ones facing trouble. Meteorologist Bill Hibbert of the National Weather Service commented:

“This is one of those situations where the rain was so heavy and steady that rainfall rates overpowered the ability for things to drain.”

A local neighbor who did not want her name released was upset that she was going to have to pay for the flooding herself. “To hear the town say there’s nothing that can be done is upsetting for me. I pay almost $10,000 in taxes. For what? I have a pond now in my basement, and I feel the Town of Pendleton should be responsible for the drainage part of it.”

The storm also left 7,000 area residents without electricity. Flooding in the Delaware Park area caused the S curve to close down, and the storm interfered with several traffic signals as well. Local fire departments received many calls about motorists stranded in the high tides.