Thursday 1 December 2022
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Henninger High School Student Allegedly Punched Two Teachers Over Cell Phone Incident

800px-2nd_floor_hallwayThe average smartphone has a typical lifespan of about two years. Yet for one 16-year-old Henninger High School student, who allegedly punched two teachers who asked him to put his phone away, his smartphone may die of natural causes before he can use it again.

According to, the boy, who is not being named due to his age, has been charged with two counts of second-degree assault, which is a felony. Syracuse Police officials say that at approximately 8:05 a.m. last Wednesday, the student in question walked into school late and then proceeded to start using his cell phone.

This prompted one 37-year-old teacher to ask him to stop, and he responded by punching her in the mouth. Another 57-year-old assistant teacher attempted to intervene, and the boy ended up punching her in the mouth as well, according to police.

“There’s a lot of fights in the halls. In between classes, during classes, in the classrooms — especially during lunches. There’s mainly a lot of girl fights, though,” said Amber Umstead, a junior at Henninger.

While neither of the teachers were seriously harmed, they did complain about “severe pain to their mouth and jaws” and expressed their desire to have the boy arrested.

This incident comes after a recent survey done by the Syracuse Teacher’s Association and the New York State Union of Teachers this past December, which found that more than half of the 830+ respondents do not feel safe at work. Just over a third of teachers reported to having been previously assaulted themselves with about 70% of the assaults happening in the classroom.

“While we have had some altercations, as every high school in America has had, incidents such as these have decreased this year,” the principal of Henninger High School said in a statement. “Every incident is fully investigated and addressed in a manner that takes into account the safety of all students and staff.”