Wednesday 28 September 2022
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How Can We Prevent Accidents in NYC?


Every year, millions of Americans are injured and many killed while driving. And since New York is the largest and most densely populated city in the country, many of these deaths occur here. But how can we stop accidents from worsening? Taking a few simple steps helps minimize your risk of crashing.

Drive as Little as Possible

This step is a possible option for many people in the Big Apple. Who needs to drive in the city when subway systems, taxis, Uber and Lyft drivers, and buses? Adding your car to that mess of a driving situation will only increase your chance of getting into a crash.

Subways, in particular, help by taking thousands of people off the road every day. Taxis and buses help but can also contribute to an increased risk of crashing. Most New Yorkers just walk or talk the subway station, so do your part by parking your car and using it only when necessary.

Put Away the Phone

When you do drive, put away your phone and avoid distractions. You might see everybody on the road next to you checking their messages or the latest memes. Well, that kind of action can wait. You aren’t missing much, and your friends can wait 5-10 minutes until you hit a red light or park.

Focusing also helps you avoid the kind of panic or anger familiar on the streets of the big city. It isn’t easy driving in a Zen state with hundreds of angry drivers honking at every move you make. Instead, play some calming music, stay focused, and you can cut back on dangerous accidents.

Use a Parking Lot App

If you’ve lived in the Big Apple long enough, you know that looking for parking spots is a unique form of hell. On average, residents will spend around 107 hours every year trying to find a place to park. That number may surprise you: you probably feel like you spend 107 hours a week trying to park.

In any case, many parking lot apps can help you out here. They will identify spots with free parking, track traffic, and let you know when areas are open. This helps prevent accidents by avoiding distracted driving and creeping driving that causes so many fender benders every year.

Know Where You’re Going

New York is a big city but a surprisingly compact one. Most residents know their way around its many twisting and winding roads easily. However, they also make plans ahead of time to make travel easier. So sit down and take five minutes to plan your routes and stick with them to avoid problems.

Don’t forget to use a GPS if you’re new to the city and aren’t sure how to get around. While New York’s streets are mostly relatively logically laid out, it can be confusing to sort through all the different high-numbered avenue names and the many, many street names.

Don’t Drink and Drive

The Big Apple has so many fun and enjoyable activities that, unfortunately, may also center on activities like alcohol and drug consumption. Sadly, around 21 million people around the nation have at least one addiction. Others have more than one. Unfortunately, many of these individuals live in NYC.

Even if you aren’t addicted to alcohol but enjoy a drink now and again, you put yourself at risk every time you drink and drive. One drink may be enough to affect your abilities. So plan and find an alternate way to get home and keep your car parked or stay where you drink for the night.

So if you live in New York or plan on visiting, take these ideas into account if you drive. You can’t force other people to follow these actions, of course, but talking about them openly and honestly may help here. Let them know that you’re concerned and find different ways of traveling.