Monday 27 September 2021
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How Concerned Should New York Residents Be About The Coronavirus?


As the media grows in strength worldwide, it becomes easier to make people aware of global pandemics. Where once the SARS crisis seemed to reach the peak of global awareness, in later years diseases like ebola and zika became even more well-known through the media. Therefore, it can sometimes be confusing — when should people take an epidemic seriously? The coronavirus must be taken seriously, especially in central New York. The close proximity that people have to one another in cities like Syracuse and New York City, as well as the weather conditions, make it easy for viruses to be spread — even when precautions are taken. Much is still unknown about the coronavirus, which means that it could be a simpler virus than what was initially assumed. However, it has been spreading at a swift rate, which means that it must be approached with caution.

Of course, there is a difference between caution and paranoia. Ideally, the U.S. will continue to avoid a serious encounter with the coronavirus, and if healthy measures are taken New Yorkers will be unlikely to face long-term consequences related to the issue. How Serious Is The Coronavirus Issue In New York?

Clearly, there is a growing concern among New York residents regarding the coronavirus. There has been a noticeable change in the approach to how disease is handled in the state, with many central New York residents, in particular, buying face masks to protect themselves against the virus. Face masks and gloves can certain help protect against the disease, but they do not completely eliminate the risk — far from it. In fact, the use of face masks in public is driving the sale of masks more than advice from medical professionals. According to public health officials, Americans currently have a low risk of catching the coronavirus. The director of the World Health Organization has actually advised Americans against stockpiling face masks, as it’s more important that those in need have them available to buy, should they become truly necessary in the future.

The reality is that the coronavirus is a concern, but not an immediate one. Nor is there reason to be worried that it will grow into a serious concern in the near future. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have received samples from 23 individuals to be tested for the coronavirus. Of those samples, 22 have proven to be negative, while the results of the final test are still pending. New York state still lacks a confirmed case of the coronavirus. With that being said, this doesn’t mean that the virus won’t infiltrate the state, and you can take active steps to ensure that you don’t catch the coronavirus without tipping into hysteria.

Channarāyapatna What Can I Do To Prevent Myself From Catching The Coronavirus?

There are steps that people can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, beyond simply investing in face masks. In fact, the CDC does not currently recommend that healthy people wear face masks. The simplest way to prevent yourself from catching the coronavirus is to avoid contact with infected individuals. However, this can be easier said than done. A person can have the coronavirus without showing immediate symptoms, and in the United States, the disease’s symptoms can still be confused for those of the flu or a cold. Therefore, you’ll want to avoid people who are sick in general, which is something that most people do already. Furthermore, make sure that you stay home if you have an illness, especially one that seems to be respiratory in nature. The most common symptoms of the coronavirus thus far have been fever, shortness of breath, and cough. Therefore, those with these symptoms should check in with their physicians before returning to work or school. Unfortunately, these symptoms can easily be mistaken for benign, which is one reason why the virus has become an issue. Those that are especially dedicated to their work may find it difficult to stay home due to symptoms that could be attributed to a bad cold. Consider asking to telecommute to work if you have real concern; the ability to telecommute is a major benefit of working at a company with a virtual office.

Otherwise, washing your hands with soap and water multiple times throughout the day is a good step towards protecting yourself against the coronavirus. As simple as it seems, there is a reason why this measure is considered crucial toward the containment of most diseases.

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One of the reasons why there is so much anxiety regarding coronavirus is the lack of a consistent treatment protocol for this virus. Though it is not a death sentence, there is not a drug that has been developed to specifically fight the disease. However, the global pharma market is massive — expected to reach $1.12 trillion in 2022 — and it is supported by the $3.7 trillion global wellness industry. These two forces will likely aid in the search for a treatment. All business associates with access to health information are covered under HITECH (the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) which ensures that health information technology is more easily accessible, further aiding the global search for a strong protocol.

The coronavirus is an issue; however, with a cooperative approach by governments and individuals alike, it ideally will leave the United States relatively untouched. Reason for concern is not equal to reason for panic, and the virus should be treated with an even hand. New York residents should not live in fear of the coronavirus.