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How Do Central New York Parents Feel About Virtual Learning?

Since early 2020, virtual learning has become a large part of our education system. This can range from early childhood education to doctorate programs. More and more students know how to learn online, but how do parents in central New York feel about it?

The Upsides to Online Learning

At this point, most if not all teachers know how to successfully teach online. Schools will choose great platforms to host their online work, as page upload speed impacts a consumer’s decision to work with a site at 70%. Parents should not worry about content being delayed or crashing on these platforms.

Some parents are even nervous about sending their children back after the holidays. This is a time when people come together, and there is, unfortunately, a higher risk of sickness being spread. This risk can be mitigated by keeping schools closed for some time while families get over any illnesses that may have hit them.

There may be an option for hybrid learning, where some students are in the classroom and some are at home. This is a good solution for parents who are not sure whether or not to send their children to class. This will also give teachers a chance to prepare their material to be learned in-person and virtually. More than half of parents (55%) even believe that their child learns better in a digital environment, which is truly the most important thing when considering education.

What Worries Parents About Online Learning

Many parents do express concerns about online learning. Some are concerned that their children will be behind in school and have to repeat a grade or take extra classes. According to CNYCentral, some parents believe that going to school in person is the only way their child will be properly educated. These are valid fears, as virtual learning is new to the world.

Others are worried that their children will not be given the proper attention they need. By having virtual instruction, students often do not get to meet their teachers in person. Or if they do, they soon leave the classroom. This might make building relationships between the student and the teacher difficult. It is something to consider when you think about online learning.

Some locations may not have access to a secure internet connection in Central New York. Because there are so many pockets of small towns with bad weather, schools and families may be without power or WiFi for days at a time. This can seriously hinder learning if it is all online. Other families rely on public schools to provide their children with meals. Food labs can now detect ingredients down to 0.1%, and parents might need these healthy choices available at in-person schools.

Working parents are having issues with online learning, as well. This is because some families cannot afford to have their children at home all day with a nanny or to stay home themselves. While it is unfortunate that so many families live paycheck-to-paycheck, it is a reality of the world. Central New Yorkers should have compassion for their neighbors going through this. Having children stay at home all day for virtual learning is nearly impossible for some.

The positives and negatives of online learning are in the minds of Central New York parents. Families are struggling to find the best education for their children in this time, and need to make the best decision they can. Talk to your community educators to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of virtual learning.