Saturday 26 November 2022
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How Do We Reduce Trucking Accidents in New York?

Trucking accidents are an extremely serious concern no matter where they occur, and this holds true in the state of New York just as it would anywhere else. The thing about trucking accidents is that we all have a vested interest in trying to reduce them, and that is why so many policymakers, company leaders, and others are looking into ways to reduce the number of trucking accidents on the roads whenever possible.

Trucking Accidents Are Different From Passenger Vehicle Accidents

One important distinction that everyone should make is that trucking accidents are handled differently than typical passenger vehicle accidents. This is because there are 3 million people injured in car accidents in the United States every year, but the accidents that involve a truck collision are among the most serious. This is because trucks are so much larger and capable of so much more destruction when they do collide with someone. Authorities have no choice but to treat this category of automobile accident differently from some of the others. It is important that they recognize the greater likelihood of major injuries or death, and this means that the penalties for such accidents can be more extreme.

The Pace Of Global Commerce

In 2018, it is estimated that roughly 4.2 million heavy commercial vehicles were produced throughout the world. That is in addition to the roughly 20 million or so light commercial vehicles that were also put out the market that year. Obviously, trucking is a major business, and it only continues to grow. People want the products that they desire the moment that the longing hits them. This means that trucking companies have to step up to provide the necessary supplies to the various parts of the world where they are being demanded. Failure to do so would mean a loss of business that no company could sustain.

Another metric that one could look at to see the overwhelming scale of global commerce today is the number of shipping containers from all around the world. There are 17 million shipping containers in circulation throughout the world, and about 5 million of those containers are estimated to be active at this time. They combine for a total of around 200 million trips per year. That is a lot of cargo being moved to and fro! The pace is only going to continue to pick up, and this will require more truck drivers to be out on the road handling the situation.

Reducing The Problem Of Truck Accidents

Unfortunately, there is not a magic wand that one can wave to make all of the problems of truck accidents just go away. The number of trucking accidents is largely a symptom of many factors all coming together at once. There is the problem of a driver shortage right now that is requiring companies to look at alternative sources of labor. There is the fact that many drivers who are signing on to work for companies are not nearly as experienced as drivers who are retiring. Then, there is the problem of increased instances of road rage and other aggressive driving behaviors that have left so many people and companies in a bind.

One thing that can be done at a company level to help with this issue is to place a renewed focus on training drivers and helping them understand the safety issues that they may face while out on the open road. It is one thing to go over these facts and figures with drivers at an annual meeting, but it is something else altogether to continue to drill into them the need for safety to be their top priority. You have to remember that there are real people out on the road driving these trucks, and they may need some friendly reminders from time to time. It is a stressful time to be working any job, and we owe it to our truck drivers to make sure they are taken care of properly from a safety perspective.