Saturday 26 November 2022
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How Does Vaccinating Your Children Work as Divorced Parents?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, life has been an upheaval in various ways. Life is a struggle enough for divorced parents dealing with their ex-spouse and the expenses, ranging from soccer to medical bills. And with around 25% to 50% of children requiring orthodontics, for instance, many parents are now concerned about Covid-19 vaccines.

However, what can a parent do when their ex-spouse disagrees with their children getting a Covid-19 vaccination? The following will help with this issue:

Put Your Feelings About Your Ex to the Side for Effective Co-parenting

Rethink how you will talk to your former spouse. Find ways to remain as calm as possible, and remember that your child’s health is the main topic. Then, you can start working on your negotiation skills and collect and prepare your facts about the vaccinations.

Stay Factual

Once again, putting up your opinions about the vaccinations can lead to stating your opinions about how your ex deals with your child. So, avoid saying things like, ‘you never cared about our child’, ‘you never consider what I say’, etc.

Just be very transparent about why you think this is the right thing to do. Talk as if you are talking to a neutral individual and leave emotional sentiments out of this conversation.

Joint Discussion with the Parents

Sometimes you may need a mediator between you two. This could be a well-respected and trusted loved one for both of you. Otherwise, it could be a trusted medical professional that you both trust.

You can begin the process by making a list of the pros and cons of these vaccinations. The mediator will carefully consider both points of view and hear both of your thoughts and information. From there, hopefully, you can all come to a common ground.

Talk to the Child

Talking to the child is another considerable option, especially if the child is over 12 years old. Doing this will help put things in better perspective with both parents. However, it is critical not to try to win the child over. The main focus is to resolve this issue and all parties will come to a common ground.

So, by putting all the emotions aside, you must center on what your child desires. Does the child even want to be vaccinated? Then, both parents should be able to find common ground and start building a consensus.

Explore Legal Options

If this vaccination issue is still unresolvable, the next step may be to explore legal options. The Interstate Identification Index indicates that over 70 million people have criminal records as of July 1, 2015. If your ex-spouse has a criminal record, perhaps you can search to see your rights as a parent to make decisions. There are, also, times when parents must go to court hearings, unfortunately.

If parents disagree about whether their child should get vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus, they may make a petition. This petition is to alter the current custody agreement. Parents usually may cite the child’s health as being endangered and the reconsideration of the child’s best interests. The entire custody agreement could also be changed due solely to the vaccination conflict.

With all that goes with co-parenting, now these parents must deal with Covid-19 and its vaccinations. It takes until a child turns 21 years of age until the parent is done with child support payments, for instance. Adding this pandemic along with the vaccinations are even more headaches to deal with. Nevertheless, taking the steps above will greatly assist you in resolving the debates concerning vaccinations.