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How Has Marriage Changed in the Last Decade?

Times have changed a lot, and there’s no doubt about that. It follows that things like marriage will change along with it, and there are a number of changes to highlight. Read on to learn five ways in which marriage has changed over the last decade, so you can be well-prepared to either be in one or advise your married friends and family accordingly.

Gender Roles Have Decreased

Over time, stereotypical gender roles have seen a steady decrease as people learn better. Things like a marriage being supported by the man who was the breadwinner are now a thing of the past. This is in part thanks to the increase in living costs, and the increased liberation for both genders to pursue careers in different fields, or to even work at all. In a 2018 survey by MarketWatch, 45% of matrimonial attorneys noted that there was an increase in the number of women paying alimony. This and other financial factors are in stark contrast to what could be expected in marriages a mere decade ago.

Social Media Use Has Become Widespread

Social media platforms have grown a lot in just this decade, from non-existence to becoming a staple for most people. An increasing number of couples are getting inspiration for their wedding or sharing theirs to inspire others, and this has seen a change in the way weddings are planned and executed. While a number of people are blaming social media norms for infiltrating into their marriages and creating issues, it’s possible to use social media responsibly and avoid trouble.

Norms Are Being Disregarded

Things like the customary courtship period have lengthened indefinitely, while the traditional white wedding dress has been disregarded for a number of different colors. With 70% of people in America lacking enough money in their bank accounts to pay for a new home outright and most of them feel the need to seek financing, another norm has been disregarded. This is the notion that married couples must have children because people can now choose not to, based on personal decisions of which financial and emotional ones are part.

Cohabiting Has Increased

While divorce has seen an increase, cohabiting has also increased over the last decade. This is replacing marriage for most people who would like to enjoy companionship and other things that come with living with a partner while avoiding the commitment that comes with marriage. This has enabled many people to seek partners with the same ideas and simply move in together, bypassing the expenses and other aspects that a formal, traditional marriage calls for.

There Are More Non-Traditional Venues

Traditionally, weddings would be held predominantly in churches or other official and extravagant venues. Over the past decade, there has been a shift away from that, with non-traditional venues being used more and more. Up to 24% of American millennials have said they will research venues before they get engaged. This number of people will invariably have more time and space to find a venue that they feel will work well for them as a couple. From fields and rooftops to warehouses and more, you can expect to find a wedding in any place in this day and age. This has given rise to creativity and gratification for couples who have been able to get married in a setting they enjoy.

There’s a lot to learn as far as marriage goes, and the internet is making it easy for many people to do so. The past may have laid a great foundation for marriage as we know it, but the changes are mostly welcome as they befit the needs of the modern couple a lot better than traditional marriages did.