How to Spot Health Misinformation in 2021

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defectively The rise of new media sources has made it incredibly difficult to spot different sources of misinformation, regardless of topic. However, as has become clear, misinformation regarding healthcare can become deadly. That’s why learning different ways to spot this misinformation is important, so you and your loved ones aren’t unsafe due to faulty information that you mistakenly believed was true. Here are a few different ways to spot this misinformation.

Make Sure That Your Source Sticks to the Point

When you search for information regarding healthcare or healthy food, make sure that the information you receive is relevant to the topic at hand. For instance, if researching how to lessen the length of a cold, you’d want to find facts like that cold symptoms typically last two days to two weeks, with most people being fully recovered in about ten days’ time. You don’t want an article that strays from facts about colds and tricks to lessen the duration of a cold, though. This shows a lack of focus on the article’s purpose. It shows that the author is drifting in and out of thoughts and hasn’t put enough time to make sure the article is focused on the topic at hand. If you do notice this lack of focus, it’s then important to ask what the purpose of the article is, and who is it for?

Is This Source an Authority on the Topic?

Anyone can start a website about anything they want. That means that anyone can say anything, regardless of its truth, and post it. Oftentimes, people are able to do this while formatting the article to look legitimate. In fact, around 900,000 new domains are registered every single week. They then get spread through social media, look legitimate, and can trick people with the misinformation that they offer. So, make sure that when you’re getting information from a source that it is a reliable source. For instance, a website URL that ends in .gov means that it is a government organization and should be considered an expert. In other cases, you may need to make sure that a news source is fact checked, and not simply published without any thought on the matter.

Question What the Purpose of the Information is

The reality is that human beings are biased. It may be the goal of a journalist to stay neutral, but that can be incredibly difficult to do. Furthermore, oftentimes online medical advice isn’t written by a journalist who gathered facts, but an anonymous author. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to question why something was written when you read it. If a piece of medical advice is urging you to think a certain way, then the information that they’re giving you likely isn’t accurate.

Just How Accurate is the Information?

If you are reading an article that you already know a lot about, and notice misinformation at some point in the article, then you’re likely to stop reading the rest of the article under the assumption the author doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The same is true for medical information that you read. Even if you don’t have the background knowledge to fact-check a source yourself, you can do other things to check information’s accuracy. Look into the validity of their sources. Can you verify what they’re saying with what someone else is saying? Is there factual information to back their claims? If you can answer these questions, you’ll go a long way to not falling for misinformation.

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