Wednesday 7 December 2022
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In It to Win It – Head Hilary, Heart Bernie

Op/Ed By Julianne Malveaux


Julianne_%20Malveaux( – I am looking forward to November 8, 2016, and to voting for Hilary Rodham Clinton to lead these United States.  I am so extremely excited that a woman of character, experience, and discernment can lead our nation.  Even as I look forward to the November vote, I am fully enjoying the path to November.  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has provided tone and texture to this race.  He has forced Senator Clinton to hone her positions on health care, Wall Street and income inequality.  He came so amazingly close to toppling her in Iowa that it gave me Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome.  She didn’t make my drama hers, though.  She has managed, with stoic dignity, to stake her claim for this presidency.

My head is with Secretary Hilary Clinton, but my heart is with Senator Bernie Sanders.  I realize that he has promised everything and hasn’t shared how he might pay for much of it — free tuition, universal health care, or Wall Street reform.   Still, his energetic bluster has been a galvanizing factor in a race that might otherwise have been seen as a cakewalk or a coronation.  Hilary needs to be pushed as hard as Senator Sanders can push her.  And even though Sanders says he does not care about her “damn emails”, the email conversation has to remind Senator Clinton that she has to figure out ways to restore trust among those who support her positions but look askance at the ways she has been too frequently presented.

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